August 27, 2010

Public Transit Teen Outreach!

Mega awesome cringeworthy stuff from CCCTA's teen outreach youtube video. Skip to :50, and then let it unfold.

This is their publicity video, and the only reason the protagonist is using CCCTA services is because her car has been forcibly taken from her. A ringing endorsement.

The barriers to use are pretty astounding as well--in this utopian vision, one must call a bus dispatcher/operator for instructions re bus stops and schedules. From there, the video totally loses the plot: carless-girl gets talked into bus riding by her friend, hates it at first, then a guy boards, then carless girl sees a cute guy board, then all of a sudden carless-girl is on the cutting room floor and we're following some fourth guy on  So You Think You Can Drive ... A Bus. Then we're back to carless girl, who is batting eyelashes and saying things like "OMG, I thought everyone on this bus would be like, zombies! But they're totally normal!" Cue zombie dream sequence!

All the teens that meet on the bus eventually invite each other to the movies, and start talking about the depleted ozone layer.

The whole shebang is actually 3 or 4 videos medley'd together that would certainly shine brighter on their own as part of a more concerted publicity campaign. The teen who gets sucked into riding the bus, but sorta likes it. The kid who learns what it takes to drive a 40 footer. The earth-first message. The snazzy fast-cut edits of the bus/fleet hardware. They all mean well, but lumped together it's low hanging fruit on the tree of trying too hard.

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