November 4, 2010

Giants Fans Overwhelm BART, Muni, Bay Bridge, Caltrains, Air, Space

I read that Giants fans overwhelmed all forms of transportation in getting to the parade today, but sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.


This is the line to get BART tickets at the Dublin Pleasanton station at around 9am on November 3rd. Those of you who know the station know that this line stretches at least 100 yards away from the ticketing area. I mean, the station isn't even in the frame! It's another 30-40 yards off to the left! Blows. My. Mind. I've never even seen a line more than 10 people deep, and this looks like 30 times that amount.

Apparently the Bay Bridge was a parking lot, and Muni and BART were standing room only to the point where agents were turning people away from the platform.

Update: grabbed some sweet pics from Flickr.


  1. Wow! The parade route certainly was packed (I couldn't see a thing...) and when I left work at 7 the BART information screens were still reporting a 10 minute delay due to "crowd control measures," but I had no idea it was this crazy!

  2. From the BART website:

    BART carried the most riders of any day in its 38-year history on Wednesday -- 522,200 -- many of them going to cheer the San Francisco Giants in a World Series victory parade. The highest previous single day of BART ridership was Oct. 29, 2009, during an emergency closure of the Bay Bridge, with 442,100 riders.

    Crazy. Talk.