November 19, 2010

Thursday November 18th

Well, it was going to be a triple threat day: 9-12 West Contra Costa Transportation Advisory Committee meetings, 12:30-1:30 SPUR lunch meeting, 5-6:30 guest lecture at UC Berkeley. But SPUR rescheduled their event to Wednesday December 1st, so it was just a double header.

Nonetheless, today marked my maiden voyage on AC Transit! Clipper card worked like a charm, and the El Cerrito del Norte bus station even had live bus arrival times posted. It was a little hard to tell if it was indicating at what time the bus would arrive, or how long until the bus would arrive. Like,

72R bus
:31 and :51

At first I resigned myself to waiting 30 minutes, so I was happily surprised when the bus arrived shortly after 8:30.

On a semi-related note: with the exception of the few times where I have been caught sitting at County Connection stops, and unceremoniously skipped over, my bus experiences in the East Bay have been excellent. Even though the County Connection headways are always greater than 30 minutes, and easily an hour or more on the weekend, they are always on time for both origin and destination.

And the Clipper was awesome for mode switching: no worries about dollars, quarters, passes, or if I had enough. Automatic recharges let me just tag my wallet and go. Lovin it.

More on the events themselves to follow.

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